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Product details

  • What is Solder Flux?

During the soldering operation an auxiliary medium is mostly used to increase the flow properties of molten solder or to improve the degree of wetting and reduce surface tension, such medium called Solder Flux.

  • What is the function of Solder Flux?

Reliable & clean solder connections can only be accomplished with solder flux, as it performs the following functions that are essential in soldering process:

It provides a liquid cover over the materials; this coating action protects the surfaces of both the solder and the parts to be soldered from oxidation during the soldering process

Remove any oxide on the metal surface or on the solder joint and carry such unwanted elements away. Oxides prevent the solder from "wetting" the metals to be joined, so they have to be removed.

Exclude air up to the soldering temperature and assist in transfer of heat between parts being soldered and thus help equalize their temperature.

  • Features of Jovy Solder Flux:

  • (1)Non-Clean Flux :

Jovy No clean flux is required for electronic assemblies where is difficult to wash off flux residues after soldering. Jovy flux not require removal due to its non-conductive and non-corrosive residue and that’s why is also called "non-corrosive flux”

  • (2)Gel Flux:

Jovy Gel Flux is ideally suited to rework, It has rheological properties similar to those of the resin .it can be applied more predictably than liquid flux. Its tacky nature prevent components moving. Gel Flux has greater resistance versus liquid flux against volatilization, thus more adequate for the higher lead free process temperature.

  • (3)Halogen-free Flux

Jovy halogen-free Flux is Eco friendly, Flux that containing halogens is known to release dioxins when chemically altered and halogen is possible source of post-soldering corrosion.

  • (4)Syringe Flux

Jovy Syringe Flux can be dispensed in controlled amounts exactly where needed and will stay in position until heat is applied It's also easier to store, not messy and safer because it's less likely to come in contact with the operator. Jovy Flux is available in 10cc and 30cc syringes.

Jovy Fluxisavailablein 10cc and30cc syringes.

  • Jovy Flux’s Properties:


State :


Color :


Odor :

Mildly, sweet odor

PH (5%aq. sol.):

3  (35% sol. of flux)

Flash Point :


Solubility in water :


Auto-ignition point :

> 370°C

Specific Gravity :