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Product details

Our BGA Rework stations Re-7500 and Re-8500 are equipped with many types of reflectors.
These reflectors with no doubt will make your rework process easy, precise and
customized to the tremendous range of applications.
the evidence that will support this claim can be found in the few next sentences.

Infrared heating:

Infrared heating means IR ceramic heaters transfer heat by emitting and Radiation.This way of infrared heating generates uniform distribution of heat energy toward the object.

What is the function of IR reflector in the rework process?

IR Reflector is designed to control the infrared heating emitted from the upper heater byallowing the Infrared waves to travel in straight lines through specified window space and to effectively reflect the extra wave away from the spotted area.

IR Reflector is exactly as a nozzle in function. It is focusing and directing the heat to a defined target and preventing any other components (around or in beyond the targeted component) to be affected directly.

This concentration of radiation power is especially suited for solving tasks dealing with the heating of selective or small areas.

It focuses the infrared waves to +20% of the window size for each IR Reflector's size toward the targeted spot as shown in the figure.

Sizes of the Reflectors:

Jovy systems offer you 2 different types of reflectors; the first one designed to be integrated in a simple way with Re-7500 and the other one to be integrated with the RE8500).

This variety ensures that choosing the correct size of reflectors will focus the infrared heating which ultimately means better performance and fewer concerns about stray infrared heating.

Re-7500 reflectors come in 3 different window sizes, square shape pattern and act as an aperture for the Re-7500 top heater.
Sizes of RE7500 reflectors: 20mm x 20mm, 30mm x 30mm and 40mm x 40mm.

Re-8500 reflectors come in 4 different window sizes, square shape pattern and act as an aperture for the Re-8500top heater.
Sizes of RE8500 reflectors: 20mm x 20mm, 40mm x 40mm, 60mm x 60mm and 70mm x70mm.

Material of the reflectors:
IR Reflector is made of stainless steel with one mirror polished side.

Fixture of the reflectors:
One side (slot side) hang to left side of the upper heater cap and another side (screw side) include two M4 screw size to be tightened to the right side of the upper heater as shown in the below pictures.

Installation Of reflectors:

IR reflector can be easily and quickly installed to the upper heaters.Steps to follow:

1. Fasten the IR reflector using the slot in upper heater left side
2. Align the window to be exactly up to the middle of the heater.
3. Tighten the screw with the slot in the upper heater right side.

*The IR reflector is highly recommended to be used during rework process and in the applications according the below table: Type of Re-7500 reflectors needed per applications:



Mobile phone

PC Mother Boards

Laptop Mother Boards

Game console

Small PCB’s (≥ 60mm width)

Large PCB’s (< 60mm width)

20mm x20mm



30mm x30mm


40mm x40mm




Customized Reflectors:
Even reflectors could be customized upon user needs and requirements, in any window sizes. However, it should not exceed 50 mm x 50mm in width and in length and in any pattern (circle, rectangle or triangle) according to upper heater dimensions and to the applications needed.