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Reballing-Solder station-SMD rework
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Jovy Systems Products list includes : BGA Rework equipments, Soldering stations, Hybrid Bench Top and a wide range of soldering consumables designed especially for electronic industry.


Challenges are increasing day by day – with no expectations – in rework and repair field.
Jovy Systems is committed to provide a value added solutions which meet the requirements of present toughest applications. Whatever the PCB size, type or design the process of rework and repair becomes jovial with the most durable, efficient and economic rework stations:

  • RE-7500, for small and medium size PCB size (from 60mmX60mm to 200mmX200mm or any dimensions matrix).
  • RE-8500, for any size of PCB up to 500mm x450mm or any dimension matrix.
  • Re-7550, the advanced version of Re-7500.
  • Jetronix-Eco, for any size PCB up to 290 mm*315 mm
  • Turbo IR, Jovy Systems' first bench top rework station and newest product that utilizes the Hybrid technology
BGA Rework RE-7500
BGA Rework RE-7500
BGA Rework RE-8500
BGA Rework RE-8500
BGA Rework Jetronix-Eco

Hybrid Rework Station

Re-7550 BGA Rework Equipment


Solder station

Jovy Systems® introduce the most advanced hand soldering station which upon the user requirements. With the wise touch and iControl, lead free and tough applications become easy. Moreover, professional and perfect solder joints can be achieved.

The solder station iSolder-40,iSolder-40 Tips Jovy's latest invention for lead free soldering with wise touch technology and concept of  "variable power for variable temperatures".


iSolder-40 Tips



We provide a range of accessories that serve the main products to meet the growing application requirements. All the time, our R&D department keep studying and analyzing the newest applications and latest technology, to supply our customers with the proper soldering and de-soldering accessories for their satisfaction and benefit.


XY Table

IR Reflectors

PCB Supporter

Cobra Led-Light

CCD Camera System


Soldering Consumables

Jovy Systems® offers a range of soldering assist products to meet any extra requirements for rework/repair process and the applicable standards for high quality performance.

Each product is selected from the best ingredients and material to guarantee the results with merit.

Solder Paste

Sphere Solder balls

Solder Flux


Reballing Kit

Re-balling is one of the rework/repair processes that become easy and not sophisticated with Jovy Systems® Reballing solutions for most wanted BGA packages rework. The solution uses the sphere solder balls and stencils to get the most accurate results for Reballing process.


Reballing JIG

Standard Stencil Kit

PS3 stencils kit

X-BOX stencils Kit

Universal cellular phone kit

Custom Made stencils
PS4 Stencil
Direct Heating Stencils
Direct Heating stencils


Protective Tapes

Jovy Systems® provide two kinds of tapes to utilize and customize the rework/repair process with the rework stations, based on two different functional concepts which reflecting the exceeded IR thermal power and protecting the components from the thermal stress. 
The thermal tapes manufactured from environment friendly materials and hard adhesive silicon layers.

Aluminum Refelective Tape

Polyamide Protictive Tape